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Event Postponed: Measuring Return on Your Digital Investment

  • Tuesday 19/03/2019
  • 8:30am - 11:00am


This session is designed to explain how your digital investment can be used not only to increase profit, but also to increase efficiency and enable scalability within any organisation. By understanding how to measure all types of return, and how to distil this down to relevant key performance indicators, a business can move away from seeing marketing activity as a cost area, to seeing it as a quantifiable investment. And how do you measure the soft benefits of an effective digital strategy? What about the time you could free up in your marketing team up by using marketing automation? Or the value in building a database of prospective customers who are interested in, but not yet ready, to purchase your products or services? Or understanding exactly what content on your website contributes most to conversions?

What you’ll get from session: For many business leaders, digital marketing is a real headache. Digital channels are often the most cost-effective way of acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and selling more products and services, but the digital landscape is littered with unintelligible acronyms, conflicting advice and a myriad of software choices.  This session will help you understand some of the key principles of measuring return and how to build the foundations of a digital strategy most appropriate for your business.  It will also help you understand what questions you should be asking your digital team and your suppliers, as well as understanding some of the key measurements which should go into your Board reports (to ensure that your valuable time is spent evaluating efficiency, and not spent arguing over what colour your website’s homepage should be).

Return on Investment – or ROI – is used to measure the efficiency of any investment we make, and is usually measured in monetary terms, but the return we make on our digital investments – website, emails, paid advertising, social media, CRM, etc. – can be measured in many different ways.

It is relatively easy to measure the your return when generating direct sales from email marketing, or acquiring new customers through pay per click advertising, but how do you measure your customers’ satisfaction, your sales team’s performance or your brand’s reach?

We are very kindly hosted by Lodders Solicitors for today’s event.

8.30am welcome for tea and coffee with a prompt 9.00am start to 11.00am.

Lodders Solicitors

Glensanda House 1 Montpellier Parade
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1UA