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Leaders Forum – Worcestershire Boardroom

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When & where

  • Date: Wednesday 12/02/2020
  • Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
  • At: Three Counties - Malvern, WR13 6NW

About the event

We all know how important it is to take time out of working in the business to work on the business. These Boardroom sessions are an ideal opportunity to take time out and discuss current topics affecting your business; gain insights into what others are doing and share your experiences and expertise to help other business leaders.

We will kick start the meeting with an insight into Biz Smart. They will share with us a challenge or project they are currently working on. We will then discuss topics in small groups, this is your time to discuss and share with other business leaders in a safe and informal environment topics and challenges that are important to you.

5 Surprising Ways to Boost the Value of a Business

The session provides a five-step approach to improving the value of any company regardless of its size or industry. It also discloses the story of Stephanie Breedlove, a successful entrepreneur who sold her $9 million business for an astonishing $54 million. Breedlove’s incredible exit was a result of her focus on the five-point formula.

Based on an analysis of more than 30,000 businesses, members can use the lessons to inform them on what they need to do to drive up the value of their business.

This session includes:

– The benchmarks for valuing a business in today’s market.

– How having a monopoly in a market and a recurring revenue of 75%+ can lead to higher offers.

– The one data point you absolutely must know to help drive a successful

– The truth about what acquirers look for in a company to buy.

– The need to reduce reliance on three key factors.

– How to position your business to be enticing to a strategic acquirer

This is an interactive session with lots of opportunity to learn and share with other members with a round table session around the key ways to boost value, to include the Net Promotor Score and how to apply that to each business.


A valuable session for any business leader today – improving the value of your business is not an easy task in todays economic climate, so any tops tips and useful insights are always beneficial.

Venue – Leadon Suite, Three Counties Showground

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Three Counties

Malvern, WR13 6NW

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