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Finance Focus – Redundancy & Off-Boarding Best Practice

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  • Date: Thursday 02/07/2020
  • Time: 10:00am - 11:30am
  • At: web event -

About the event

An opportunity to catch-up and discuss what is happening as we move into the COVID Recovery stage with a focus on Off-Boarding.

In this COVID world, employers are waking up to the fact that everything they do has to be approached in a different way. More are understanding their responsibilities as an employer and acting differently, however too many haven’t realised that managing your employer reputation requires a truly holistic approach. And an effective offboarding process is an essential part of that. The risk is that, if (when) you do this badly your reputation and brand will be adversely influenced long after COVID has gone. However, do it well and you will build brand equity with all those key audiences like never before. More importantly you’ll be doing the right thing at a time when people need you to. The fact that organisations will restructure and downsize over the rest of 2020 is inevitably going to create profile and stories (internally and  externally). The question is, ‘What do you want yours to be’?

If you look at any “best practice” guide on Offboarding staff you’ll see all sorts of checklists to help you mercilessly process people out of your business. You’ll see a legal framework and some standard letters to keep the employer out of tribunals: you’ll see the checklist from IT that ensures all systems access is revoked, shared passwords are changed and sensitive data is blocked; you’ll see nasty memoranda from facilities to make sure all company property is recovered and a reminder, probably, to update the company org chart and phone book immediately to erase their memory altogether. And if you really don’t get it, you’ll see the demonising scare stories of the employees who ‘just forgot’; to give back their uniform, ID badge or staff discount card and profited as a result.

But come on. Really? Is that it?  Where’s our humanity? As a business and as the sixth largest economy in the world we can do better. As an employer operating in the COVID world we can do better. So, yes, think about the process. The admin has to be done. And now think about the people and how approaching this more holistically will serve every critical audience in a much better way. Your Managers. ‘The survivors’. Your customers and other stakeholders. And, of course,  those affected in the process.

Now more than ever before company reputation matters. And it’s founded on trust, values and purpose as the key pillars. More than that the business case for more effective offboarding is undeniable. It will make you money and save you money.


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