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C2S Executive Forum – Exec Development Programme

  • Thursday 19/09/2019
  • 8:30am - 11:00am

Is busy the new stupid?  How often does someone in your team say ‘busy!’ when you ask how they are? How often do you say it yourself?

It is often intended positively – as a badge of honour (how important or indispensable I am), a badge of courage (how strong I am) or a status symbol (I matter – I have characteristics/skills that are in high demand).

But it is increasingly seen negatively – as being afraid of missing out (saying yes to things we shouldn’t), as an excuse (saying no to things we should) or being out of control of our own destiny.

Busy people are great people to have in your team – they have the right work ethic, they will often say yes to taking more on, and are anything but lazy. But, are they working on the right things? Are they heading in the right direction? Are they team-players?

So, let’s help our busy people be our most productive people too.

This interactive workshop will encourage you to flip business on its head – and develop a team of productive people, not just busy people.

Empower your people to make the right choices at work, prioritise the important things and challenge you to do the same.

Elaine Warwicker – Owner; Canny Conversations

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