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Business Growth Series – Workshop 4 Execute your Plan & Achieve Your Goals (In-Person)

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When & where

  • Date: Wednesday 25/01/2023
  • Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
  • At: Glos Enterprise, Twigworth Business Centre; Tewkesbury Road; Twigworth, GL2 9PG -

About the event

The C2S Business Growth series of workshops have been designed to take you on a journey to understand what is currently happening within your organisation and how to best position yourself for future success around 4 key areas:

 Workshops 1 and 4 look to provide insights into strategy and execution. There is a saying that ‘Strategy without execution is a dream. And execution without a strategy is a nightmare’. Let’s make sure we have an executable strategy and robust plans in place for delivery.

• Workshops 2 and 3 examine the way the organisation interacts with customers, both internally and externally, how you position your offering, and understand how best to sell your products and services.

You can join all of the programme, or you can attend those workshops which are currently a priority for you/your team.

This series of workshops are aimed at owners/directors and senior managers who are looking to be in the best position to maximize opportunities in 2023, and to react quickly to a volatile marketplace. There will, however, still be many opportunities available to those that are agile and forward thinking.

Deciding which ways to grow needs to be intentional — not driven by luck. Be intentional and join us for these insightful and practical series of workshops.

Workshop 4Execute your Plan & Achieve Your Goals

‘Vision without action is a dream, action without vision is chaos’ is a famous Japanese proverb that sums up the number 1 obstacle that businesses face in achieving business goals – Lack of alignment between strategy and execution – In other words the actual “getting it done” bit.

In this interactive session, which requires you to have thought about your business goals and current business state ahead of the session (this can be in draft form), the focus will be on turning your goals into reality, by looking at practical ways to overcome the 3 top reasons that execution fails; prioritisation, alignment and communication.

Using an adapted Norton and Kaplan Balanced Scorecard framework, by the end of the session you will be clear on:
• What is going to get in the way of you achieving your goals
• What you need to prioritise
• How you can use the Balanced Scorecard to drive execution

The session will be facilitated by Hayley Parker, Founder & Director, OPS-BOX Group:

Hayley has over 20years’ experience working with SMEs and large corporates in senior roles across sales, operations and strategic planning in the UK and Internationally. This has included developing and delivering strategic and operational plans, leading large-scale change programmes, holding national accountability for compliance in an FCA regulated environment and leading and motivating sales teams.

As founder of OPS-BOX Group, Hayley is passionate about supporting businesses to achieve their potential. She has a very clear and precise understanding of the challenges that businesses face with the ability to turn a problem into an opportunity. With her extensive knowledge, wide-ranging experience and inspired approach she has developed a reputation that’s built on reliability, respect and trust.

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Glos Enterprise, Twigworth Business Centre; Tewkesbury Road; Twigworth, GL2 9PG

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