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  • Date: Thursday 30/06/2022
  • Time: 10:00am - 11:00am
  • At: on-line -

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In a nutshell, branding is who you are—and marketing is how you build awareness. Branding is your strategy, while marketing encompasses your tactical goals.

In these sessions our experts explore different elements of both brand & marketing.

This session we will hear from QBD’s Rich Brown on:

How a Successful Lead Generation Strategy can add Serious Growth to your Business

Lead Generation is the lifeblood of any business. Attracting new leads into your business and converting them into customers is the key to achieving your growth objectives.

In this session Rich Brown, Head of Lead Generation at QBD, will explain what Lead Generation should look like for your business. Rich will talk through the options you have available, and help explain which of them may be best for your business and most importantly what return on investment you should expect from a successful Lead Generation strategy.

And Target PR’s Managing Director Sarah Bryars on:

Being a good corporate citizen (and how to talk about it)

There’s increasing talk about ‘purpose-led’ brands and businesses. But is it a marketing fad, or a genuine response to the issues we all face?

Sarah Bryars, Chief Executive of Target, an award-winning PR and communications agency, will offer a perspective based on their recently published ‘Pillars of Purpose’.

Sarah will leave you with three tips for communicating meaningfully about your environmental and social impact.

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