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Workshop – Are You Getting All of Your R&D Tax Credits?

  • Thursday 18/10/2018
  • 8:30am - 11:00am

What Every Company Needs to know!  Making the Most of Tax Relief!

Come along to check you are claiming your full tax relief from the government!

Did you know 97% of companies eligible for tax credits have not yet made a claim! Are you one of those companies?

Join us in Worcester with Tax Credits specialist Haines Watts for the chance to check out if this is something you could benefit from. They will demystify the myths and help you get the most out of this – you could save thousands!!

The criteria for qualifying is that activity must seek to attain appreciable improvement to your company’s products, services, systems or processes.

When you think about it, much of this improvement is already part of what businesses do as part of their growth strategy. Here are just three of the activities that R&D tax credits can be claimed for:

  • IT – Overhauling IT systems to improve business practices is fairly standard but is often overlooked. Developing new websites and CRM systems can qualify.
  • Premises – The design and planning invested in the adaptation of existing or new premises to achieve efficiencies, increase capacity or add dedicated research facilities can be qualifying expenditure.
  • New markets – Entering new markets, particularly overseas, can necessitate an adaptation of a product to meet new standard or specifications.

Please come along to understand how better you can tap in to this fantastic tax relief and also plan to make the most of this relief going forward. Haines Watts are offering FREE advise and happy to assess if you have a claim. 90% of companies they talk to have a claim they can make!

Case Study

Members Iso Quality Services talked to Haines Watts and didn’t realise they could make a claim against all the new processes they had implemented, and could even make a retrospective claim – they saved thousands!!!  A few painless hours with Haines Watts saved them thousands and they have now implements a process that will ensure they continue to make the most out of this tax relief.

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