Circle2Success Worcestershire Forum on BRAND

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Circle2Success Worcestershire Forum on BRAND

Andy Wheatley from gillharrisjames enlightened us with revelations about Brand! What does your Brand say about YOU!  We asked ourselves 3 questions in the session –

  1. What does brand actually mean from a business perspective?
  2. How can it impact the bottom line?
  3. How can it help you to achieve your business objectives?

Plus, the power of story-telling

Andy has worked in Marketing and Brand all his life and worked on many global brands and some of the biggest names we know! He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and pulls it all together in an easy to understand, making sense fashion that helped us to define our own Brands and what they represent to the outside world. This was a very hands on session with lots of real value, honest conversations and discussions.

Brand     =    Reputation       +     Behaviour 

We discussed the power of storytelling and how the brain engages much more when stories are told and not just facts. Research shows Stories stimulate oxytocin, a neurochemical and essential driver of motivation and empathy.