Circle2Success Leaders’ Profile – Helen Ridler, Belford House HR

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Circle2Success Leaders’ Profile – Helen Ridler, Belford House HR

Helen Ridler set up her business, Belford House HR Limited, in October 2017 after many years in the corporate world. This fulfilled a long standing ambition to change the way she interacted with and supported clients.

Her last role was as HR Director UK for Idemia, an international company with customers from market segments including financial institutions, mobile operators, public security, healthcare and Government.

She was a teacher before entering the world of HR and has maintained her contact with education across the years. Helen is a Governor on the Board of Gloucestershire College.

As a HR specialist with over 20 years’ experience, Helen now acts as an independent HR ‘voice’ for a range of businesses. Whether solving an immediate issue, working on a project or planning for the future, Helen works with you to find the best options for your business.

Helen is also a Workplace Investigation Specialist. This includes complex or higher risk workplace investigations.

As such events are never planned for and are often high stress situations, it is reassuring that Belford House clients regard Helen as a ‘safe pair of hands’. In these situations, it is important to strike the balance between robust questioning and sensitivity for the individuals involved.

It will not surprise anyone who knows her that, in her private life, Helen is not a thrill seeker. No mountain climbing or bungee jumping for her. Rather she prefers travel with the chance of meeting new people, eating new food, reading new books and discovering art, architecture and scenery.

Contact Helen for professional and approachable HR: call 07765 864562 or email