C2S Visit 5th generation family business Westons Cider

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C2S Visit 5th generation family business Westons Cider

This week C2S Events visited Westons Cider HQ. This 5th generation Family business has grown from humble beginnings when Henry Weston started the business in 1880. Today their HQ also acts as a visitor centre where people can experience first-hand how their world leading ciders are made and follow the family history and changes over the years – a fantastic visit, highly recommended!

Henry was initially a tenant farmer and refreshed his farm workers on a daily basis with 8 pints of 8% Cider as the water was very poor quality in those days.  Each day workers would take their personalised casks for a refill of Henrys very popular beverage. Apples from the farm were used to produce this and after a number of years Henry realised he was a better cider maker than farmer!(photo of Richard and casks). Today Westons still only use 100% Cider apple juice from the three counties, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. HQ at Much Marcle has now been producing Cider for over 137 years. This 400 acres farm still presses all its own fruit and works with over 300 growers in this region, adding over £12 million to the local economy. On this visit it is clear to see the pride and family values of this family owned business today.

90% of cider in the world is made in the UK, with 80% made in Herefordshire. Westons continue to capture more of the market place with their premium brand ciders focusing on quality of product and ingredients, process and retaining their age old traditions.

Today they have 120,200,000 litre storage tanks for juice and cider.. They produce their whole range of ciders on this plant. They sell 100 different ciders to include an organic range and are the largest owner of organic orchards in the UK  (photo of orchard?). Westons have the largest collection of vats in Europe and have a tradition on the farm that all equipment is named, with 3 of the oldest vats being called Hereford, Gloucester & Worcester which have been in use for over 200 years, hold 200 gallons/1600 pints each.


As Westons modernise on technology and upgrade equipment they do not compromise on quality and continue to win many, many awards for their products and continue to be world class leaders in a very competitive market place. A truly inspirational visit that demonstrates great things can happen from humble beginnings!

Please visit:  www.westons-cider.co.uk