Leader Insights – C2S Talks To Sarah Bryars, Target PR About New Beginnings

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Leader Insights – C2S Talks To Sarah Bryars, Target PR About New Beginnings

New Beginnings and Predictions for 2021

Target is an award-winning communications agency, delivering a wide range of PR and marketing communications services. Target helps organisations to communicate with purpose; to be understood, distinctive and chosen.

Here, Sarah Bryars, Chief Executive of Target, shares her outlook for 2021.

As we said goodbye and good riddance to 2020, Target turned to face into the headwinds of 2021 with positivity and determination. Why? Because, despite everything, we feel strong.

We learned a lot about ourselves in 2020, but these are the highlights:

  1. Target has something useful to contribute.

Our skills, experience and versatility as communicators are valuable. We can’t make ventilators or relieve the pressures of frontline workers. We can, however, support organisations to share information, to reassure, to empathise, to guide or educate; to communicate purposefully through the most testing times.

In 2020, the most in-demand services from our clients included re-shaping their core messages for staff and customers, re-prioritising which channels to use for communicating, and hands-on content creation, particularly for social media.

  1. Teamwork is harder when working remotely, but still possible, and absolutely essential.

Resourceful and focused, every member of Team Target supported each other as well as our clients, metaphorically linking arms to make our business more resilient. They delivered outstanding work, despite the practical and emotional challenges everyone has experienced, and we couldn’t be prouder.

  1. Leadership is a team sport.

During the most unpredictable economic challenges any of us have faced, Target’s board of four directors were firmly united. We brought a diverse set of skills and perspectives to a singular objective: to make decisions in the best interests of our people, not just in that moment, but for the long term.

What does 2021 hold in store?

  • ‘Agility’ was the watchword in 2020 and will continue to be an important characteristic. The path of the pandemic poses many unknowns, not to mention the adjustments in trading and supply chains post-Brexit
  • As organisations change and adapt, there’s a critical need to engage staff. We’re working with clients to refine and articulate their renewed vision, mission and values, so that they can communicate purposefully
  • Insight and positivity; most of us are looking for one or the other (or both) in the media we consume. This is what journalists tell us they’re looking for right now, and guides much of our media relations work

We’re not expecting 2021 to be easy, but we are ready to face it with self-belief, determination and a strong sense of purpose.