C2S Leaders – Fixing The Culture Gaps

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C2S Leaders – Fixing The Culture Gaps

C2S Leaders met to discuss what was happening with the culture of their organisations and the impact COVID 19 is having on that journey.  Thanks to the team at DNA for talking us through what they are seeing with clients; their approach and some ideas on what is working well.  It is an unusual environment with many still working from home and some now able to come back into the office.  How to you manage this new blended work pattern?  As one attendee said we are trying to manage 130 offices in people’s homes.  For some this new way of working has worked well and for some it perhaps doesn’t work so well; also the workplace may have changed considerably and ‘ways of working’ will certainly have changed and as that is one of the definitions of culture ‘the way we do things around here’ this is going to have an impact on those that have worked all the way through and been part of the changes; those working from home and those who have been on furlough. Tough challenges for us.  Great discussions.

John Tarrant and Rick Towers from DNA

Please use the link below to access the slides form the event and get in contact with John or Rick to discuss your individual challenges and journeys.

C2S Presentation_CULTURE_vo41_compressed 2

The recording of the presentation from John Tarrant is below.