Bruton Knowles being used to benefit landowners on the A417 Missing Link

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Bruton Knowles being used to benefit landowners on the A417 Missing Link

Bruton Knowles has seen many landowners affected by the A417 Missing Link scheme sign up to benefit from the national property consultancy’s compensation expertise.

Proposals for the key infrastructure project in Gloucester were given the go ahead in March 2019 and will see a new road built alongside the A417 to ease congestion. Significant land is required as part of the scheme and the landowners working with Bruton Knowles will be required to sell the land to Highways England to enable the scheme to progress.

The A417, which runs between Gloucester, Cirencester and Swindon had previously been dubbed an accident hotspot, with more than 30,000 drivers using the road each day causing congestion and delays. The additional road will ease congestion, pollution and prevent traffic collisions in the area, when it is completed in 2024.

With considerable expertise, the compensation team in Gloucester is working with landowners to ensure that compensation is maximised.

Jonathan Smith, Partner at Bruton Knowles, is based in the consultancy’s Gloucester office. He said: “The A417 Missing Link project is a much-anticipated scheme that will bring benefits to the local community and the tens of thousands of drivers who spend hours stuck in traffic each day. However, any compulsory purchase is highly disruptive and unwelcome to those landowners who are affected by the scheme and that is our primary focus.  It is vital that they receive fair compensation for what will be the forced sale of their land to Highways England either before or after the Development Consent Order is granted to Highways England. Our knowledge and skills within the area will ensure our clients receive the best outcome for them and all parties involved.”

Bruton Knowles is an independently-owned national property consultancy with 12 offices across the UK. Its large multi-disciplinary team is highly experienced in sale and purchase, valuation, leasing and strategy across commercial, rural and urban property, and has specialist expertise in utilities, public sector and social housing.

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