Changes To Immigration Rules post Brexit

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Changes To Immigration Rules post Brexit

11th November 2020 – Briefing Paper from re RECUITMENT

Download full document: Immigration Summary November 2020


On 19 February 2020, the Home Secretary issued the UK’s Points-Based Immigration System Policy Statement with
further information released on 13 July and a statement of changes was published on 22 October 2020. This Brief
provides an overview of the new system.

This sets out the government’s plans from 1 January 2021 to:
▪ End free movement,
▪ Assert full control over who comes to this country
▪ Reduce overall levels of migration

▪ A firm and fair points-based system to attract the high-skilled workers we need
▪ That treats EU and non-EU citizens equally
▪ With top priority to those with the highest skills and the greatest talents and with
▪ No route for general low-skilled or temporary worker
to deliver:
▪ A high wage, high-skill, high productivity economy
▪ That works in the interests of the whole of the UK and
▪ Protects individuals from exploitation by criminal traffickers and unscrupulous employers.
There are limited immigration routes for lower skilled workers.


EU citizens and non-visa nationals will not require a visa to enter the country when visiting. All migrants looking to
enter the UK to work will need to apply for permission in advance. Anyone who comes to the UK as a visitor will not
be able to apply for a visa to work once in the country.

High Skilled visas – provides a route for high skilled individuals, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, recognised and
emerging leaders and. These include the Innovator visa; Start-up visa; Entrepreneur visa; Global Talent visa; Exceptional
Talent visa; Graduate Entrepreneur visa; Investor visa.
Skilled Worker visas – for skilled workers who meet the requirements of the new Points Based System including the
new Health and Care visa.

Graduate visa – for students who have completed a degree in the UK from summer 2021 will be able to work, or look
for work, in the UK at any skill level for up to 2 years.
Student visa – for students on eligible full-time courses will be able to work restricted hours during term time and fulltime hours in the holidays.

Dependent family members who come to live in the UK with a skilled worker under the new immigration system will
be eligible to take up employment.
T5 (Temporary Worker) – for workers to work in temporary roles with an organisation in the UK. Currently this is used
for the Seasonal Workers’ Pilot in edible horticulture.
T5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) – allows young people, aged between 18 and 30, to travel to the UK to work as a cultural
exchange to promote the UK overseas and to encourage trade and tourism.
Other – there are a number of other visas available including T2 Minister of Religion and T2 Sportsman.