Circle2Success Working with Worcestershire LEP On the 2040 Vision and Local Industrial Strategy

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Circle2Success Working with Worcestershire LEP On the 2040 Vision and Local Industrial Strategy

Circle2Success are delighted to be working in partnership with Worcestershire LEP on the Worcestershire 2040 Vision and Local Industrial Strategy. We filled the room at the Three Counties showground conference centre with leading Worcestershire businesses to ask them some tough questions about what really matters to them and their business and what they need for continued growth and to overcome the challenges of the future.

Gary Woodman, CEO for Worcestershire LEP shared the National Strategy, the grand challenges, key messages, the LEP vision and objectives and gave an overview of monies spent to date, projects completed and the benefits Worcestershire has seen to date. Gary asked business leaders to be part of the process and help the WLEP put together a strategy for the people of Worcestershire, the businesses of Worcestershire and the future of Worcestershire, everyone should be involved in pulling together this strategy to ensure it delivers what Worcestershire needs to continue to prosper.

WLEP Vision and Objectives

To build a connected, creative, dynamic economy that delivers increased prosperity for all those who choose to live, work, visit and invest in Worcestershire

Strategic Economic Plan(by 2025):

  • To create 25,000 jobs
  • Increase GVA by £2.9bn; and
  • Contribute towards the delivery of 21,500 new homes

We then moved on to the future challenges and had a lively debate and discussion groups about what Worcestershire business leaders challenges are, what they are doing to overcome those challenges and what support do they need from government to continue growth, innovation and productivity.

Some key areas discussed were the future of the workplace and what that will look like by 2040 and how we can start to prepare for that now, talent retention and keeping our talent in the South West, transportation and better links down the M5 Corridor, more work to be done on the heritage piece about Worcestershire to attract more businesses and people to the area. We looked at future trends and Gary shared with us the work the WLEP has done with connecting young people and business community better and understanding what young people are actually looking for from a work/life balance. Interestingly statistics from UCAS show a high proportion of A Level students educated in Worcestershire actually want to live and work in the South West and only move about an hour away, highlighting the opportunity to keep this talent in the South West, providing a better pathway for them to return to Worcestershire once educated.

Future Trends

Any car powered exclusively by petrol or diesel fuel will be banned from sale in the UK from 2040 onwards

  • The UK is aiming to phase out diesel-only trains by 2040 
  • IPCC reported there is only a dozen years (to 2030) for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C
  • Automation of manufacturing processes and need for re-skilling
  • Changing business models – move to service provider models
  • Future and role of City / Town Centres
  • Businesses to contribute to skills and training
  • Health and medicine delivered through digital and community models
  • Larger scale food production and changing methods of mass production

All the slides from this event are on the Asset Bank on the our website and photos on our Photo Gallery on the website



A big thank you to Three Counties Showground for hosting this event in ther fantastic facilitites. It was a huge success and thank you to everyone that attended.